Our Webinars

Innovation in physicochemical processes​

Innovation in the chemical industry is being revolutionized by the use of virtual simulation of products and processes. The engineer, magister and doctor in chemical engineering Pablo Hernández Arango shares this webinar with us to talk about his experience in simulating chemical processes and reactions both in industry and in academia in Latin America and Europe

Electromagnetism and electromechanics are experimented In Silico

Did you know that most of the forces in everyday experience are a consequence of electromagnetism? Learn more about the interaction of electric and magnetic phenomena, their main applications and how computational simulation can help to understand these phenomena, predict their behavior, test different conditions and optimize technologies based on electromagnetic laws.

Modeling & Simulation in Biomedical Industry

The biomedical industry encompasses pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the design and manufacture of medical devices, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Since the market to innovate in this industry is competitive, resources are limited and environments include so many factors that make it more complex; the use of modeling and simulation can help understand, test, predict and optimize solutions in this area.