Modeling & Simulation in Biomedical Industry


The biomedical industry encompasses pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the design and manufacture of medical devices, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Since the market to innovate in this industry is competitive, resources are limited and environments include so many factors that make it more complex; the use of modeling and simulation can help understand, test, predict and optimize solutions in this area.

We invite you to this webinar, where the bioengineer and co-founder of In Silico SE, Tatiana Gómez, will tell us about the main advances and challenges in the Biomedical Industry, and through examples that range from drug synthesis, through medical treatments, to vascular stents, she will explain how modeling and simulation can help innovate in this industry.


Tatiana Gómez Bustamante

Co-founder, CMO / CFO – In SIlico SE SAS



Marcela Mercado Montoya

Co-founder, CEO / COO – In Silico SE SAS

Bioengineer & MSc.

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