Specialized Engineering Services

Energy audits

Through mass and energy balance models, the inspection and analysis of energy sources, consumption and losses is carried out. The objective is to propose alternatives to improve consumption, change energy sources and measures to reduce losses.

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Product and process optimization

Based on the monitoring of the fundamental parameters of the product or process, and the inspection of the response of the production variables, models are built that allow not only to recommend the best operating condition but also to predict the best result, which reduces operating costs and increases productivity.

Expansion of systems and processes capacity

Comparison between the current operating capacity or conditions with the design operating capacity or conditions, requirements in terms of operating and capital costs required to obtain the maximum possible capacity of a system or a process, operating requirements to adapt to the new conditions process.

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Risk and operability study – HAZOP analysis

It is carried out to qualitatively identify the response of an industrial system to various failure possibilities. This identification should introduce decision-making with a view to minimizing risk and losses during the operation. The approach pays special attention to the imperceptible aspects of the process.

Environmental impact reduction studies

We consider the information required by environmental authorities regarding the emissions of gaseous, liquid and solid waste disposal, opportunities for reducing emissions are raised and they are studied from a technical and financial point of view, to obtain the best possible solution and facilitate certification processes and regulatory compliance.

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