Simulation-Driven Innovation

Simulation-Driven Innovation

Do you want to improve your products or technological processes in a more efficient and sustainable way?

Our Multiphysics virtual simulation allows you to test and optimise without having to make physical prototypes or tedious calculations in Excel. Moreover, this tool is ideal for innovators from industry and academia who want to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through research, development and innovation (R&D&I) projects.

How do we enhance your innovation funnel?

Give your experts the opportunity to virtually test their designs of systems, devices, components and parts, modifying


Test simple and even complex geometries with different sizes and shapes.

Materials & Chemical Reactions

Test linear and non-linear materials, metals, polymers, compounds and chemical species.

Operation Conditions

Test your design under normal and extreme operating and environmental conditions.

Give yourself the luxury of optimizing designs including

Achieving a
Design Goal

Find out how you should modify geometry or materials to fit your design to a specific operation goal.

Characterization of Materials and Chemical Reactions

Characterize materials, chemical reactions, and biochemical reactions, fitting properties and parameters to your experimental data.

What benefits do you get by choosing In Silico SE?

Improves the return on investment in
R&D &i projects

Design and optimize innovative & competitive technology

Accelerate the arrival of your products to the market

Comply with regulation and boost certification

How do we do it?

Multiphysics virtual simulation is the core of our service, where we combine:

Your Experts & Ours

Your experts and our STEM talent: professionals, masters and doctors in engineering, natural sciences and mathematics

Simulation Software

COMSOL Multiphysics commercial software is our main tool. Additionally we use Python and Octave.

Experience and Trajectory

We are the only Colombian company with the COMSOL Certified Consultants seal

The service includes three simple steps:

We offer you a free diagnosis to jointly establish the objectives of the project.

Also, at no cost to you, we plan the project according to the objectives, involving your own experts and/or ours according to your needs.

We use agile methodologies to execute the project efficiently.

We are flexible and adapt to your own management methodologies if necessary.

The main deliverable is the engineering report, but there are additional deliverables according to the planning, such as scientific production or creation of an app,

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we retrospect the project to take into account the user experience for continuous improvement.

We offer these after-sales services free of charge:

– Technical support

– 10% discount on a future service, applicable up to six months after the end of the project