Innovation is the key to competitiveness

We support research, development and innovation for the care of life and the protection of the environment, combining the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to experiment in virtual laboratories and predict the best design of technological products and industrial and manufacturing processes, considering the physics and chemistry that affect its operation.

Our main line of service is the computer-aided innovation, which can be coupled to general and specialized engineering services. In addition, we have STEM training and scientific production lines .

  • STEM Training

    In the STEM training line we promote the development of skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in students of all levels and professionals from multiple sectors.

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  • Specialized Engineering

    In Silico SE SAS provides specialized engineering services to improve your innovation performance

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  • General Engineering

    In Silico SE SAS provides general engineering services at different stages of a project

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  • Computer-Aided Innovation

    Computer-Aided Innovation allows in silico testing and refinement of products and processes at all stages of the innovation funnel or the development of an engineering project.

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  • Scientific Production

    Scientific Production We offer our clients the opportunity to partially or totally disclose the results obtained in their R & D & I processes in the form of a scientific dissemination, a paper os poster for an event or a scientific manuscript. The content for the publication can be based on the results of a […]

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