Our Team

Marcela Mercado Montoya


Bioengineer, MSc. in Engineering

[email protected]

Marcela is our CEO and CMO. Counting from before finishing her undergraduate and master’s studies at the Universidad de Antioquia, she has more than 7 years of experience in the use of advanced simulation tools. She has worked executing freelance in silico simulation projects for different foreign companies, which has earned her to be counted as an advisor for many of these clients. She has explored her passion for engineering by conducting teaching activities at the same university. Her creativity comes from exploration, that is why she Marcela complements her technical activity with the practice of dramatic art, cycling trips and a taste for sports.

Tatiana Gómez Bustamante



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Tatiana is our COO and CFO. She graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia, she has experienced for more than 5 years all the capabilities offered by the use of advanced simulation tools and information technologies in science and engineering. She understands that any activity that takes place in silico must be supported by a managerial, management and control structure, both robust and resilient, therefore she has developed her professional life in different administrative activities. Creativity comes from passion, that is why Tatiana complements her technical activity with the practice of various gymnastic, rhythmic and exploration of the capabilities of the human body.

Pablo Hernández Arango


Chemical Engineer, MSc, PhD.

[email protected]

Pablo is our Technical Manager, graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and the Universidad de Antioquia. The development of his profession in silico led him to cross borders and now he is awaiting his doctoral defense at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. But since knowledge is only strengthened through practice, his experience of more than 15 years in engineering projects, combined with his passion for teaching, have led him to meet and interact in various industries and share his experiences in three universities. Creativity comes from ideas, that’s why Pablo complements his technical activity with artistic production and interaction with other people through team sports.