Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering with COMSOL Multiphysics® of Industrial-Scale Kinetic Model

Launch on April 18

at 2:00 PM (GMT-5)

Enjoy 1 hour of this virtual course with examples of key chemical reactions in industrial processes.

Includes an unlimited temporary license COMSOL Multiphysics

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Course Content

  • SESSION 1: Syllabus
  • Presentation of instructors and the company In Silico SE
  • Requirements, student profile
  • Presentation of course objectives
  • Presentation of the course structure

SESSION 2: Theoretical bases

  • What is a detailed chemical mechanism?
  • Detailed chemical mechanism structure
  • Applications of a detailed chemical mechanism
  • Chemical mechanisms in multiphysics
  • Example: Combustion of NH3 and H2, great carriers of green energy

SESSION 3: Simulation Strategies

  • What information is required?
  • What information can be obtained from this type of simulation?

SESSION 4: Implementation in COMSOL

  • Implementation of detailed reaction mechanisms: much more than importing files

SESSION 5: Conclusions and additional work

  • Simulation results and conclusions
  • Obtaining and optimizing kinetic parameters
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Rate Control Grade Analysis
  • Reduced chemical mechanisms
  • Reaction pathways

SESSION 6: In Silico, your ally

  • Do you want to know more?
  • Additional resources from In Silico SE
  • What can In Silico SE do for you?

Target Audience

Estudiantes avanzados y profesionales de todas las áreas de ingeniería, ciencias naturales y matemáticas.


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Original cost: 50 USD



Pablo Hernández Arango

Chemical Engineer, PhD

Pablo is our Technical Manager, graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and the Universidad de Antioquia. The development of his profession in silico led him to cross borders and now he just received his doctoral defense at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany.

But since knowledge is only strengthened through practice, his experience of more than 15 years in engineering projects, combined with his passion for teaching, have led him to meet and interact in various industries and share his experiences in three universities.

Creativity comes from ideas, which is why Pablo complements his technical activity with artistic production and interaction with other people through team sports.

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