Live support of COMSOL Multiphysics and other software

We guide researchers from industry and academia to success in mathematical model abstraction and implementation in COMSOL Multiphysics®, Python, Octave, and R, during personalized LIVE sessions.

The ideal support to complete your research successfully, where you have ownership and control of the source files.

A tailored guide through the basic FEA process in COMSOL

Mathematical Model (Preanalysis)

COMSOL Multiphysics
Modeling & Simulation

Postprocessing & Basic Verification

Add value to your model with support in advanced features

Convergence Analysis


Sensitivity analysis

Create a COMSOL app

How do we do it?

You are working on your project, with your own files and software license, and find your self alone to solve the simulation problems you face. 

Then you find out In Silico SE, which can guide you during live sessions while you share your screen and keep the full control and ownership of your files.

You get a package of at least 4 hours. Then, you can schedule your live support hours and the duration of them according to your needs. 

We use the Calendly platform so it is easy to schedule the meeting in convenient times for both you and us. We use ePayco links for easy payment.

The investment you make is 50USD/hour and receive a 10% discount if you include one of us as a co-author for one scientific production derived from the simulation (paper, poster, manuscript) maximum 6 months after the support ends.

We keep in touch while you move forward until your project success or until you need our support again and schedule a new meeting.

If you run out of hours in your package, you can add individual extra hours!

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