Computer-Aided Innovation

Computer-Aided Innovation allows in silico testing and refinement of products and processes at all stages of the innovation funnel or the development of an engineering project.

In Silico SE SAS complements the computational tools with general and specialized engineering services for the correct and efficient formulation and execution of science and engineering projects.

Virtual Prototypes and Digital Twins

It is possible to recreate on virtual prototypes those physical and chemical phenomena which are key for design, and test different geometries, materials, variables, environmental conditions, etc.

Virtual prototypes can be fed by experimental data to improve their level of reliability and can even be combined with Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and control tools to create digital twins that allow managing life cycles.


¿How do we do it?

Our cyclical project work methodology comprises five steps, starting with a diagnosis of the client and his/her needs in order to establish goals together. The client can build their value package according to the desired scope for the project and the established goals. We use specialized and widely validated Comsol Multiphysics software and provide personalized and permanent technical-scientific advice. Count on absolute confidentiality, confidentiality and protection of your most valuable information.


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