Civil and Environmental Industries

Computer-aided innovation applied to the civil and environmental industries allows to have structures with the best materials, the best physical properties and, in general, the best developments that take into account in their design a sustainable approach to the environment. In Silico SE services facilitate certification processes and regulatory compliance by designing more efficient and eco-friendly products and processes.

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Civil & Construction Industries

In the civil and construction industry, virtual prototypes optimize planning and design processes. In Silico SE is an ally of the civil and construction industry to:

  • Improve thermal and ventilation processes
  • Improved chemical resistance of materials
  • Phase changes of materials
  • Comparison between materials
  • Facilitate environmental certification processes

Environmental and Energy Industry

Environmental engineering begins as a subdiscipline of civil engineering. However, it has become independent as its exercise has gained relevance, mainly due to the growing environmental problems associated with climate change, the inefficient use of energy and waste, among other factors. Computer-aided innovation allows reducing efforts in the study of new technological alternatives for:

  • Water supply and treatment
  • Sewage treatment
  • Technological separation and use of plastic waste
  • Air pollution management
  • Mitigation of environmental impact
  • Use of residual energy

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