Base Virtual Prototype and Modifications

In Silico SE computer-aided innovation services are based on the development of virtual prototypes.

Starting from a base virtual prototype, it is possible to make modifications to the parameters to simulate different scenarios.


State of the art review

Computer-aided innovation requires an advanced level of knowledge, as well as a constant review of the literature to consider recent published scientific advances and to be at the forefront of solutions.

The state-of-the-art review and constant updating of knowledge is transversal to all the services offered by In Silico SE SAS.

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Mathematical Modeling of Multiphysical Reality

Mathematical modeling requires taking into account the state of the art of the problem combined with the experience and knowledge of the professional to extract from reality:

  • Geometry
  • Multiple physics or chemistry involved (equations that govern the phenomenon)
  • Material properties and constitutive relationships
  • Initial and environmental conditions
  • Equations, variables and additional parameters


Numerical Analysis: Modeling and Computational Simulation

Once the mathematical model has been abstracted from multiphysics reality, it must be taken to the computer so that the equations of the mathematical model can be solved using numerical tricks. This is what we call the computational model, on which simulations can be made to evaluate results of the virtual prototype under different conditions, materials, geometries, etc. Computational modeling involves, in addition to those contemplated by mathematical modeling, the following elements:

  • Discretization of computational geometry (meshing).
  • Mathematical tricks for the numerical solution of the governing equations.
  • Choice of the numerical solver.
  • Post-processing: obtaining results

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Modifications of the Base Virtual Prototype

A base virtual prototype already implemented (and preferably verified and validated) is subject to modifications or changes in the combination of values of the model parameters to test different:

  • Geometry
  • Materials
  • Performance conditions
  • General parameters, variables or functions