In Silico SE SAS

Looking for the best design for your product or process based on physics or chemistry?

We offer the possibility of replacing a large number of physical tests with virtual simulations, maximizing the ROI in R+D+i, reducing time, limitations and environmental impact.

In Silico SE

Tecnificamos la innovación experimentando con prototipos y gemelos virtuales de productos y procesos tecnológicos para predecir su mejor versión o gestionar su ciclo de vida; reduciendo tiempos, limitaciones, impacto ambiental y costos asociados a los proyectos I+D+i de la industria y la academia.


Innovation is the key to competitiveness

We support research, development and innovation for the care of life and the protection of the environment, combining the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to experiment in virtual laboratories and predict the best design of technological products and industrial and manufacturing processes, considering the physics and chemistry that affect its operation.

Our main line of service is the computer-aided innovation, which can be coupled to general and specialized engineering services. In addition, we have STEM training and scientific production lines .


Life-saving medical devices and treatments, energy-saving electricity and electronics, eco-friendly chemical processes.

Sustainable technological innovation, applied to the care of life and the planet is our reason for being, strengthening the University-Company-State triad is our bridge to success.

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