Electromagnetism and electromechanics are experimented In Silico


Did you know that most of the forces in everyday experience are a consequence of electromagnetism?

Learn more about the interaction of electric and magnetic phenomena, their main applications and how computational simulation can help to understand these phenomena, predict their behavior, test different conditions and optimize technologies based on electromagnetic laws.


  • Who are we?
  • How easy or difficult is it to innovate?
  • About In Silico Science and Engineering
  • Why use multiphysics virtual simulation?
  • What is electromagnetism and electromechanics?
  • Electronics vs. electrical
  • Low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetics and electromechanics applications that can be simulated
  • Relevance of simulation in electromagnetic applications: EM regulation compliance for energy efficiency, EMI / EMC electromagnetic compatibility and interference, and telecommunications.
  • Simulation-driven innovation
  • STEM training
  • Scientific production


Marcela Mercado Montoya

CEO /CMO – In Silico SE SAS

Bioingengineer & MSc.

Expert in multiphysics simulation with 9+ years of experience.


Tatiana Gómez Bustamante

COO / CFO – In Silico SE SAS


Expert in multiphysics simulation with 5+ years of experience.

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