STEM Training

In the STEM training line we promote the development of skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in students of all levels and professionals from multiple sectors.

We are committed to combining the different disciplines to improve the R+D+i processes of industry and academia. For this, we have courses already developed at the same time that we offer the possibility to our clients to develop and deliver customized courses and training.

Creation of customized courses and training

Do you need to design a new technical course or training on simulation, science, engineering and / or mathematics?

We develop courses and trainings tailored to our clients in free and commercial simulation computational tools. As well as in basic and specialized concepts of electromagnetic and transport phenomena such as fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer.

Comsol Certified Consultants

As certified Comsol Multiphysics consultants we offer courses and trainings on the software for Colombia, Latin America and the world.