Our segment includes the biomedical, pharmaceutical, electrical, electronic, food, cosmetic, chemical, civil and environmental industries. Click on the industry of interest for more information

  • Cosmetics

    Cosmetics Industry Today, cosmetics have become an indispensable feature of people’s modern lifestyle. In addition, increasing awareness of external beauty along with the internal intellect of the individual has become one of the main driving factors for the use of cosmetics in the global market. On the other hand, the cleaning cosmetics industry represents a […]

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  • Civil and Environmental

    Civil and Environmental Industries Computer-aided innovation applied to the civil and environmental industries allows to have structures with the best materials, the best physical properties and, in general, the best developments that take into account in their design a sustainable approach to the environment. In Silico SE services facilitate certification processes and regulatory compliance by […]

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  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage Industry The food industry is the productive sector that is responsible for all the processes of the food chain of society. It covers the stages of production, selection, processing, transportation and sale of food from the primary sector. Design new and improved food products with the best chemical processes using computer-aided innovation. […]

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  • Chemicals and Processes

    Chemical products and processes industry The huge chemical industry produces and supplies essential raw materials for companies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The chemical production industry and the physicochemical processes to which the raw material is subjected for its transformation into thousands of products for mass and industrial use, are susceptible to improvement through […]

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  • Electrical / Elctronics

    Electrical / Elctronics The use of in silico experimentation techniques in the electrical and electronics industries has been growing at a constant rate over the last few years. Mainly, for allowing companies to reduce production times and costs by replacing physical prototypes for testing and refinement with virtual prototypes. Design new and improved electrical and […]

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  • Biomedical / Pharmaceutical

    Biomedical / Pharmaceutical The biomedical and health care industry comprises biotechnologies dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of humans and other living beings. Science and engineering need to be intensive for the biomedical industry; which generates and adapts to new technologies permanently. In Silico is an ally of the biomedical industry, technifying the innovation of […]

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