In Silico Science and Engineering S.A.S

Computer-Aided Innovation

Break the barriers of reality by experimenting with virtual prototypes!

With computer-aided engineering (CAE), we combine the STEM academic disciplines:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; 

to facilitate research, development and innovation (R&D&i)

of technological products and industrial and manufacturing processes.

Maximize your ROI on innovation, improve understanding, and

reduce time, constraints, costs, and environmental impact.


Innovation is the key to competitiveness

We technify innovation by experimenting with virtual prototypes and digital twins of technological products and processes to predict their best version or manage their life cycle.

Our main line of service is the computer-aided innovation, which can be coupled to general and specialized engineering services. In addition, we have STEM training and scientific production lines .


Life-saving medical devices and treatments, energy-saving electricity and electronics, eco-friendly chemical processes.

Sustainable technological innovation, applied to the care of life and the planet is our reason for being, strengthening the University-Company-State triad is our bridge to success.

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